I see a design I like. Can I change elements?

Yes. We can accommodate small/large changes to font, content layout and artwork. Retrofitting artwork may incur an additional design fee depending on extent of change. Artwork is also interchangeable between suites. Please note modifications/links to artwork you would like to use in the wedding stationery questionnaire.


How does the design process work?

After the wedding stationery questionnaire is submitted, EVR will send an estimate for review. We will then schedule a phone consultation to discuss design ideas.  Images/links to inspiration are helpful and encouraged.  Complementary samples of past projects may also be mailed for review.

Once we begin a project, different variations of the artwork will be shared. We will then edit/revise as needed.


How long does the design process take?

For existing designs, a simple content update is sent for review within 5 business days.

For new designs, most comfortably this is a 6-8 week process. This includes time for concept discussion, design, revisions, printing, shipping. We will discuss an agreed upon start/delivery date based on availability and event needs. We can expedite/take our time depending on when project details are available; generally we like to get wedding invites in couple's hands 2-3 mo. out.


Am I limited on number of design revisions?

Three design revisions are included in initial estimates.  Additional requests (not often needed) are quoted separately.


When will I receive my order?

2-4 weeks from final payment date.



What is included in my initial estimate?

EVR standard estimates include:

  • Art License
  • Design
  • Printing
  • Envelopes
  • Free shipping


What other services do you offer?

Not all clients are interested in the following services; but they may be added upon request: Addressing (printed or calligraphy), assembly, printing upgrades (double-sided, double-thick, thermography, letterpress, gold-foil) and additional materials (postage stamps, wax seals, ribbons, enclosure booklets, double outer envelopes).


How does payment work?

For each project, a 20% retainer is due to begin design. When ready to print, invoice for remaining balance will be emailed for review and may be paid by cc or bank transfer.


How much postage will I need and is it included?

Postage is not included with save the date or wedding invitation purchases. It may be added upon request. 

  • A7/A2 save the dates: 50c
  • A7 wedding invitation outer envelopes (under 2oz): 71c
  • 4-bar reply envelopes: 50c

Any changes/additions of materials and/or sizing may change the above rates. Please also note the post office charges a non-machinable rate (+21c) for wax seals. Confirm all postage rates with local post office. 



Am I free to use artwork purchased on other things for my wedding? What is the artwork use license?

Yes. EVR wedding stationery transactions include a non-exclusive limited use license. The limited use license permits the purchaser to DIY and download/use artwork on other items for the wedding and within your own home. Please carefully read the use agreement (emailed as a PDF) and understand that it is a license; not ownership of the artwork.

We would also love to provide content layout/print services for you, if needed.

Please note artwork use agreements will vary; not all stationers permit the use of artwork beyond initial purchase.


Can I change artwork I've purchased? Or give/sell the artwork?

No. The use agreement does not permit alternations or copyright outside of the wedding/commercial use of the artwork.  EVR reserves the right to adjust and or use the artwork as needed.


Can I purchase an original?

Definitely! Original artwork and/or framing services are quoted separately. Please shoot us a note at cbellagamba@evrpaper.com to inquire.